The Ventra App Operating System Requirements: Everything You Need To Know

The new Ventra app will be on a completely new platform to ensure the best user experience. It will support operating systems 10 and newer for iOS and 7 and newer for Android. All other operating systems will not be supported (Android 6 and older or iOS 9 and older). These outdated operating systems may limit app functionality and are no longer supported by their device manufacturers.

If you have an Android 6 or older or iOS 9 or older operating system you will need to update your device, as you will be unable to update to the new Ventra app (blue icon).

If you're unable to upgrade to a new device, below is everything you need to know about how long you'll be able to use the outdated Ventra app (white icon) until it is turned off.

In October 2020

Metra tickets and CTA/Pace transit value and passes will be available for purchase. However, throughout the month these tickets and passes will be removed as available for purchase from the outdated Ventra app (white icon).

  • As of Tuesday, October 13, you will no longer be able to buy Metra Monthly Passes within the outdated Ventra app (white icon).
  • Metra 10-Ride Tickets will only be available for purchase in the outdated Ventra app (white icon) through Friday, October 16.
  • CTA/Pace customers will only be able to add transit value and passes in the outdated Ventra app (white icon) until Friday, October 16.
Old App Outdated App Icon New App New App Icon

In December 2020

Any riders with an unsupported device will have to update their operating system in order to download the new app and make purchases/migrate any Metra mobile tickets over.

We're Here to Help!

If you are unable to access your Metra mobile tickets within the existing Ventra app (white icon), or have inadvertently deleted the app and cannot reinstall, please call Ventra Customer Service at 1.877.NOW.VENTRA (1.877.669.8368). Our customer service representatives are ready to refund any inaccessible existing Metra mobile tickets directly back to the payment source on file and/or cancel all inactive Metra mobile tickets.