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This form lets you check balance on any Ventra Card. If you’ve registered your card, you can avoid entering all this info by simply logging in to see your balance. (Or better yet, just get the Ventra app where you can see your balance in an instant!)
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If your account balance is below the cost of a ride, your account will display as "suspended." This status is temporary. In order to continue to ride, please add transit value or a pass to your account.

Transit value

Transit value is money stored on your card that’s used to pay for regular fares.
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Transit passes, including unlimited ride passes, are listed here. Passes "in queue" are available for use and are activated automatically as you ride.

Pass list

  Pass Start Day End Day Autoload Status
Autoload is disabled for this pass
Autoload is not available for this type of pass. You can try this on another pass or add a new pass with autoload to your account.