Ventra Transit Benefit Program

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The Ventra Transit Benefits Program is an employee benefit program administered by employers - big and small. It allows employees to set aside pre-tax income - up to $270 per month - for travel on CTA, Pace and Metra, lowering their taxes and easing their commute. How's that for an attractive recruiting benefit? Read on to learn more.

How It Works for Employees

Ventra's pre-tax transit benefit program can save employees money on their commute, along with other attractive benefits!

Auto Load Set it and forget it with autoload for transit value or a CTA/Pace 30-Day Pass – never think about your balance again.
Sit back and enjoy Sit back and enjoy the ride – remove the stress of driving and finding parking.
Save money on car costs Save money on car costs like gas, wear and tear, parking and insurance premiums.
Reduce environmental impact Reduce your impact on the environment.

Contact your Human Resources department to learn more about this great program, or if your company doesn’t currently take part in the Ventra Transit Benefits Program, inquire with your benefits manager about signing up.

How It Works for Employers

Ventra’s pre-tax transit benefit program is a great way to extend a money-saving benefit to your employees, while providing attractive retention and recruiting tools.

Improve Moral Improve morale and reduce absenteeism by offering safe and reliable access to public transportation.
Open Enrollment Enrollment can happen anytime throughout the year and there’s no minimum employee participation.
User-friendly administrator portal Employers have access to a user-friendly administrator portal.
Reload functionality Recurring reload functionality allows for repeating monthly fare loads after one-time employee set up.

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