Ventra Card is now on Google Pay™ !

The next Ventra innovation has arrived — introducing Ventra Card on Google Pay.

You can quickly pay for rides on CTA and Pace with Ventra Card on Google Pay. Simply 'wake up' your Android device and then tap-and-go to pay for rides using transit value and passes. No need to carry a card, open an app or unlock your phone — it’s that easy!

Plus, everything you need to manage your Ventra Card is in one place. With Ventra Card on Google Pay, you can view your transit balance, check your pass expiration date, and quickly link out to the Ventra app where you can add transit value and/or passes.



Ready to get started?

It’s easy to set up. First make sure you have the latest version of the Ventra app (version 2.2.0) and then follow the simple steps below.

Transfer my plastic Ventra Card to Google Pay (Registered, Full Fare Cards):

  1. Open the Ventra App on your Android device and select the Cards section.

  2. Select the Ventra Card you want to add.

  3. Press the Add to GPay button and follow instructions in the app to add Ventra Card to Google Pay. All your Ventra Card settings, including autoload and Transit Benefits will remain active on your Ventra Card in Google Pay.

  4. Cut up and throw away your old, plastic card—it’ll no longer be valid once added to Google Pay.

Note: Only registered, full fare Ventra Cards - including O'Hare Employee Cards and Northwestern Passes - can be added to Google Pay. Special fare program cards, such as RTA Reduced Fare, Student Ventra Cards or U-Pass Cards, cannot be added to Google Pay at this time.

A Ventra Card in Google Pay is not like a bank card in that it can only be saved on one device at a time.

Purchase a new Ventra Card via the Ventra app:

  1. In the new Ventra app, sign in or create an account.

  2. Select the Cards section.

  3. Select Add Ventra Card to Google Pay and follow the prompts to add a pass or Transit Value. You will need to add at least $5 worth of transit value or a pass.

  4. Press Add to G Pay button and follow instructions in the app to add Ventra Card to Google Pay.

Note: A Ventra Card in Google Pay is not like a bank card in that it can only be saved on one device at a time.

Paying just got easier!

Tap and go convenience. Simply 'wake up' your Android device, then hold your phone at the Ventra reader and go when you see the green "Go."

There's no need to carry a card, open an app or unlock your phone — it's that easy!

Here are the basics

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about Ventra on Google Pay. Visit our detailed FAQ section to learn more.

Where can I use Ventra Card on Google Pay?

Ventra Card on Google Pay can be used at all Ventra readers on CTA buses, CTA ‘L’ station faregates and Pace buses (Ventra Card on Google Pay is not accepted on Metra trains or for payment on Pace paratransit services).

Are special fares Ventra Cards (senior, military, people with disabilities) eligible to be added to Google Pay?

Currently, only full fare Ventra Cards (including those configured for O’Hare employees and Northwestern Passes) can be added to Google Pay. Ventra Cards issued through special fare programs (RTA Reduced Fare, Student Ventra Cards, U-Pass cards, etc.) cannot be added to Google Pay at this time.

What devices can use Ventra Card on Google Pay? What's the minimum operating system?

Google Pay works on most Android Phones; we currently do not support Android Wear. Your phone must be running Android Lollipop (5.0) or higher, and must have an NFC chip. Confirm in your settings that your NFC is turned on. iPhones are not supported.

If you have an iPhone, learn how to add a Ventra Card to your iPhone here.

How many Ventra Cards can I add to Google Pay?

You can only have one (1) Ventra Card in your Google Pay account at a time.

Can I have my Ventra Card on more than one device at the same time?

No, you can only activate a Ventra Card on one (1) device at a time. Cards can be moved to another device with the same Google Account, but once it is transferred to another device it will no longer be available on the original device.

Can I still use my plastic Ventra Card after adding the card to Google Pay?

No. Once a plastic Ventra ard is added to Google Pay, the plastic Ventra Card is no longer valid. We suggest you cut up and throw away the plastic card.

Request a new plastic Ventra Card here.

What happens if my device dies, and I have a Ventra Card on Google Pay?

Your phone needs to be powered on in order to tap to ride. If your phone doesn't have battery, you won't be able to use Google Pay to ride.

I just got a new phone; how do I add my Ventra Card to my new phone?

It's easy to do this using the Ventra App:

  • On the new phone, download the Ventra app and log in with the same Ventra username you used with your card before.
  • Go to the Cards section of the Ventra app and locate the Ventra Card that was on your old device.
    • "Ventra Card on another device" (or if removed from your previous device "Ventra Card not on any device") message will be displayed just above the card's nickname.
  • Tap Add to GPay button for the Ventra Card you wish to add to your new device.
  • Follow the prompts on the screen to complete the process.