Ventra App: Metra Mobile Tickets

Metra TicketYou can skip the ticket window and buy and use Metra tickets right in this app! Mobile tickets are displayed on your device’s screen—you can skip the ticket window and show your ticket to the conductor whenever you ride Metra.

How it works

It’s as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Buy a Metra mobile ticket in the app.
  2. Activate your ticket when you board your train.
  3. Show it to the conductor when they come around.

The conductor may ask you to “touch” or “tap” the ticket on your screen—tapping the ticket will change its color on every tap and prove it’s a real, live Metra ticket in the Ventra app.

Important: Be sure your phone or device has enough charge before you ride.


Available tickets

All regular Metra tickets are available for purchase in the app, including Full Fare and Reduced Fare tickets. Full Fare riders, for example, can choose from:

  • One-way tickets
  • Ten-ride tickets
  • Monthly tickets
  • Weekend tickets


About Reduced Fare tickets

Senior citizens 65 or older, customers with disabilities, and Medicare cardholders who have an RTA-issued Reduced Fare Permit are eligible for a reduced fare ticket. To use a Reduced Fare ticket, you’ll need to present proper identification to prove you’re eligible—if you don’t have your permit, you’ll need to buy a Full Fare ticket instead or could be asked to leave the train.

Learn more about Reduced Fare on Metra


Paying for tickets

You can use the following payment methods in the app when buying a Metra mobile ticket:

  • Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express credit or debit cards
  • Ventra transit value (money loaded into your registered Ventra Card’s transit account)

Learn more about ways to pay in the app.


CTA Link-Up & Pace PlusBus passes

If you buy a Metra monthly ticket in the app, while signed-in, you’ll also be able to buy a CTA/Pace Link-Up Pass or a Pace PlusBus Pass, too. These passes are good for unlimited rides for 30 days during weekday rush periods.

To use this feature, you’ll need to have a registered Ventra Card in your account. Then, you can buy a Link-Up or Plus Bus pass and add it to that card. When you use the card while your Link-Up or Plus Bus pass is valid, your fare will be covered by the pass (at all other times, transit value will be deducted to pay for your rides).

Need to get a Ventra Card? You can buy new Ventra Cards by ordering online, or at any Ventra Vending Machine or approximately 1,300 Ventra retail locations. The cost of a new card is $5, but this is refunded to you as Ventra transit value when you register within 90 days.

Learn more about Ventra Cards.


Moving tickets from one device to another

When you buy a mobile ticket for riding Metra, it's stored on the device you used to buy it.

If you bought your tickets while logged in, however, you can move them to a new device (such as when upgrading to a new phone). When you do this, all tickets on the device you're moving tickets from will be moved to the new device.

If you have both devices (the one the tickets are on and the one you want to move your tickets to) handy, you can do this from the My Metra Tickets page on the Ventra website.

If your phone or device has been lost or stolen, call Ventra Customer Service at 1-877-NOW-VENTRA (877-669-8368)—a Ventra representative can invalidate tickets on a lost device and make them available to you on your new one right over the phone.

Learn more about moving tickets from one device to another.



Here are some tips for using Metra mobile tickets:

  • Sign in before you buy. Tickets you buy when you’re signed in are protected in the event your phone is lost, stolen or broken—you can transfer them to a new phone and keep on using them. You can create a Ventra online account in the app if you don’t have one already (even if you don’t have a Ventra Card).
  • Buy your ticket before you head to the train. This way, you can be sure you’ve got a ticket to use when you get to the train, even if you’re boarding in a place where your mobile carrier doesn’t offer good signal.
  • Store your payment info in the app. We can securely store your payment card info so you can more quickly buy tickets in the future.
  • Activate your ticket just after you board. When you choose to activate and use a ticket, it’s immediately active and will be valid only for the length of our ride, so don’t do this before you get on the train.