About Autoload

With Ventra, autoload is an option for everyone and lets you ride worry free as transit value or passes automatically are replenished when they get close to running out.

You can configure autoload on your account to work with a credit card, debit card or with ACH (bank account) payment online. 

Two ways to autoload

There are two kinds of autoload you can configure:

  • Autoload for transit value: When turned on, your account automatically replenishes transit value whenever you run low (below $10 in remaining value).
  • Autoload for passes: With certain passes, you can enable autoload which will load a new pass, stored in your pass queue for use once needed, when the autoload-enabled pass you’re currently using gets within three days of expiration.


Good to know

  • The two kinds of autoload work independently of each other and can be used together.
    For example, if you pay for your transit with a CTA/Pace 30-Day Pass, but sometimes pay for a friend who is riding with you, you can set up autoload for transit value to make sure you always have additional fare to pay for your friends. (Otherwise, you’d need to load value manually to make sure you have fare for them, too, since passes can only cover one rider per card/account.)
  • Even with autoload configured, you can still use vending machines and retail locations.
    For example, if you don’t ride every day, but have autoload set up for transit value and expect to ride a lot on a busy summer weekend, you can still walk up to a Ventra Vending Machine, touch your Ventra Card and load a CTA 3-Day Pass—once you’ve used up the pass, your fare automatically will switch back to coming out of your autoload-backed transit value.
  • You can switch autoload on or off at any time.
    With Ventra, you’re in control and you can disable autoload and switch back to manually loading fare any time you like.


Autoload and pre-tax transit benefits

If your employer offers a pre-tax transit benefit option, there are two ways you might receive these benefits:

  • Direct loading to Ventra transit account: If your employer delivers transit benefits by directly loading value or a pass to your transit account, these will appear automatically when your benefits are delivered. You don't need to set up autoload with this option.
  • Prepaid transit debit card: If your employer delivers your pre-tax transit benefits to you through a transit-only prepaid debit card, you can use it as a funding source to load transit value or passes online, at Ventra Vending Machines or in the Ventra app. You can even establish autoload with this card as a funding source.

    Note that if you set up autoload for a pass, autoload occurs up to three days before your active pass expires, and if you haven't had your money delivered to your debit card by this date, autoload may be unsuccessful and be temporarily disabled pending you logging on and updating your payment information.