Transit Tracker

Transit TrackerYou can get real-time, estimated arrival and departure information for CTA, Metra and Pace all in one place: the Ventra app.

Information is provided through CTA Train Tracker or Bus Tracker, Metra’s Rail Time Tracker, or Pace Bus Tracker, depending on what you select.

Selecting a stop

You can get arrival/departure info by selecting the service you wish to ride, route and stop info just like you’d do from a web browser.

Simply pick which service you which to ride, then choose which route and stop you want to use to get on board. The app will show you upcoming arrivals for your selected route and stop.

Want to see all routes serving the CTA or Pace stop you chose? Tap "Show all routes at this stop" to see all approaching services at that stop.


Once you’ve found your stop, you can tap the heart icon to save a stop as a favorite to get to it more quickly in the future. (When a stop is already saved as a favorite, the heart turns red.)

Nearby Stops

You can also quickly find nearby stops in Transit Tracker to quickly see stops near where you’re standing. Your phone will tell the app your location, and then the app can show you the nearest bus stops or train stations.

Coming soon...

Later, we’ll be adding additional features, including door-to-door trip planning, smarter, more integrated tracking features and lots more.

Look for app updates in the coming months for new and improved trip tools in the Ventra app!