Pace Paratransit Information

Pace and Ventra are making arrangements for you to be able to use the Ventra fare payment system to pay for ADA Paratransit fares in November. Pace wants to help you get your account set up so you are ready to take advantage of this new benefit. Please remember that this payment method is completely optional, and nothing is changing with the way you reserve or take your trip on ADA Paratransit.

To set up your Ventra account, please call 1.877.669.8368 (Monday through Friday 6am-8pm; Saturdays 8:30am-5pm) to set up online account access. Please have your ADA Paratransit ID card handy. You’ll need to get a username and password from the Ventra representative if you want to be able to use the Ventra website to load funds to your account.

Once your account is set up, you can load funds in a variety of ways. The most convenient is to log into the Ventra website or app and use your credit card to add money to your account. However, funds can also be loaded with cash at more than a thousand of locations in our region, such as vending machines, Currency Exchanges and other retailers. You can search for the closest place on this page.

For more information on Pace's Paratransit Services