Elementary & High School Students  


Both CTA and Pace offer special discounts for students.

Reduced fare Student Ventra Cards are available to students enrolled in elementary and high schools in the CTA and Pace service areas.


CTA Buses & Trains 


CTA offers a Student Reduced Fare on its bus and train services for elementary and high school students ages 7-20 valid Monday through Friday from 5:30 AM through 8:30 PM. This fare is separate and costs less than the standard Reduced Fare offered to young children and certain adults, such as seniors and people with disabilities (click on the links below to learn more).

Students need to use a Student Ventra Card when boarding to get this special fare. Student Ventra Cards are issued by many schools, including all Chicago Public Schools. Please visit ventrachicago.com/cpsfaq for more information for CPS students.

Student Ventra Cards can also be ordered if your student’s school doesn’t issue them.  Visit your school office to determine if Student Ventra Cards are sold there.

Learn more about this program from the CTA.

Pace Buses & On Demand


Pace offers a reduced rate to high school and younger students. In order to take advantage of this reduced fare, students will need to obtain a Student Ventra Card with the student entitlement (click on the links below to learn more).

Once students have their Card, they have several options. They can load the Pace 30-Day Reduced Fare Pass that offers unlimited rides without school-hour restrictions directly to their account, or simply add transit value to pay a reduced fare per ride during the school year.


The first Student Ventra Cards to be issued since Ventra launched in 2013 began to expire on June 30, 2018, and continue to expire on a rolling basis. The expiration date can be found on the front of the Student Ventra Card. Your Card will work through the last date of the month in which the card expires. If your Student Card is expired, you will need to purchase a new Card from the student’s school administrator. If your Card is registered, you may call Ventra Customer Service at 877.NOW.VENTRA to transfer any unused (inactive) passes or transit value to the new Card.

Please remember to verify with the school administrator that the Card has been properly submitted for the appropriate school term so that your child correctly receives the student fare. 

If your student’s school does not sell Student Ventra Cards, you may purchase a new Card by submitting the Expiring Card Replacement Order form. Any existing transit value or (inactive) passes will transfer to the new Card automatically.

Quick Links

For Parents and Students:

Click here for information about the Ventra Student Fare Program.

If your school does not issue Student Ventra Cards and you need to order one for the first time, use this form.

If you have a card and need to renew the entitlement for the 2023-2024 school year, use this form.

If you need to order a replacement Student Ventra Card for the 2023-2024 school year, use this form.

If your card is expiring and you need to order a replacement Student Ventra Card, use this form.

For School Administrators:

Click here for information about the Ventra Student Fare Program.