About Ventra Tickets

Tip: This page is about Ventra tickets sold at vending machines in CTA stations. Looking for Metra mobile ticket info in the Ventra app?

Ventra tickets are disposable, non-reloadable, limited-use tickets that you touch to the Ventra reader on CTA buses and trains and on Pace buses just like a Ventra Card.

Ventra tickets provide a great option for people who don’t have a Ventra Card, contactless bankcard or mobile wallet and who just plan to take a quick trip or two on CTA or otherwise don’t expect to ride often.

Ventra Ticket

Tickets are available at vending machines and can only be used on CTA buses and trains, in the following types:

  • Single-ride tickets allow one person one ride plus two transfers on CTA buses and trains within two hours from first use.
  • 1-Day tickets allow one person unlimited rides on CTA buses and trains for 24 hours from first use.

Multiple tickets can be bought simultaneously whenever you buy tickets at vending machines.

Other types of tickets are also available for CTA and/or Pace through special programs.


Good to know

  • You can buy tickets in advance of when you're ready to ride. Tickets bought from vending machines just need to be activated and used within 90 days of purchase.
  • Tickets can’t be used to pay for more than one person.
  • Avoid "card clash": Whenever you pay, take out and touch only your desired payment method (card, ticket, mobile device, etc.) to the Ventra fare reader.

    Ventra can accept payments from many different card/payment types. Taking your card out makes sure that the payment method you intended to use covers every part of your trip.

    (Tip: Never attach any cards that might be used for payment to your phone to then touch your phone when you board, such as bankcards with the contactless wave symbol, or Ventra Cards or Tickets from a vending machine. Many phones have features that let you pay using the phone’s built-in wallet/Pay app.)


Are you a regular rider?

If you ride transit regularly, you should get a Ventra Card to get the best fare options—you can use them with cash or your own cards and load value at hundreds of places! You can even manage the card online and in the Ventra app and, if registered, your fare in a Ventra Card's transit account is protected in case your card is lost or stolen.

Learn more about Ventra Cards.